CO2 - eq vs CO2 explained - Why we chose CO2 - eq


 CO2 is the reference measurement for the building industry and is part of the building code in most countries.

The CO2 reading is used to provide a good metric of how much ventilation a room needs as CO2 generally increases in confined indoor spaces. Therefore it’s been used as a proxy for other pollutants that build up with inappropriate or inefficient ventilation systems.

But CO2 does not read the chemicals inside the air, like Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) which you breathe in.
That’s where Foobot comes in with a focus on the sources of pollution and not on the air confinement.
The VOC readings are therefore the one to consider for your health, and the CO2-eq, derived from the VOC sensor is here to show the impact of your VOCs in equivalent CO2. This will help people used to CO2 measurements, to quickly understand how good/bad their VOC readings are.


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