Safety instructions

Please read the following information carefully.

  • Misuse of Foobot can cause electrocution, burns, fire and other hazards.
  • Do not place Foobot in/under or next to liquid.
  • Do not put Foobot near to fire or on any surfaces or places getting too hot (heated surfaces, windows with sun exposure…).
  • Use Foobot only for the purpose as described in Intended use post.
  • Do not use Foobot if it has suffered any damage or if is not working properly.
  • Do not place anything on top of Foobot.
  • Do not try to open or make modifications to the Foobot device.
  • Do not use Foobot in a manner not specified by the manufacturer.
  • Only place your Foobot on a stable and perfectly flat surface.
  • Do not cover Foobot, nor use it in a closet or drawer.
  • Avoid placing your Foobot near potted plants.
  • Foobot is not suitable for use by babies or children (under 13 years old).
  • If Foobot is intended to be placed in child’s room, please don’t place the device within reach of kids.
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