Limitations of use

Here are the described limitions of use of Foobot:

  • Accuracy of Foobot’s reading isn’t guaranteed and can be influenced by usage conditions.
  • Do not use Foobot in dusty environments. Exposure to heavily dusty environment such as buildings with ongoing renovation may permanently damage sensing capacity of the device.
  • Do not use close to silicone-based glue, joints or any product releasing silicone fumes.
  • Foobot is not intended to be used:
    • For outdoor measurements.
    • Under extreme temperature or humidity condition.
    • Next to warmth source or flames.
    • As a one shot measurement process.
    • In places/spots with restricted internet connection.
    • Plugging/unplugging the device frequently.
    • Powered by a battery or a different A/C adaptator than the one provided.
    • With the device not standing in its intended position.
    • As a medical device or a substitute to any medical treatment.
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