My Foobot is glowing, what should I do?

Foobot is glowing when it looses its Internet connection.

If you have moved the device around but haven’t change anything in your Internet setup, you’ll probably just have to wait a few minutes, Foobot will get the Internet connection back on its own.

If you changed some settings of your wireless Internet access, you’ll have to setup Foobot’s wireless connection again. Just go to Settings section and follow Update WiFi credentials’s instructions.

If none of the above applies it either means that your Internet connection went down – check from a computer – or that something is blocking outbound Internet connections. Unrestricted http & https access is needed for Foobot to work correctly.

You can also, try to:

  • change Foobot’s orientation.
  • check you’re trying to connect to a 2.4 GHz signal (please remember 5 GHz isn’t supported by Foobot)
  • check used surface as having Foobot standing on a metal surface will reduce range.
  • check if WiFi is not too busy, that is to say if there’s a lot of devices using network or some heavy download/streaming that eases connection loss.
  • check if there’s many other networks on the same channel than the Foobot.
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