First steps


You’re now a Fooboter! You just joined a community of people protecting their health and improving their wellness as well as the one of their loved ones.

To enjoy the experience is easy! All you need to do is follow the steps described below.

1. From your smartphone/tablet, search for "Foobot" and install it.

2. Connect your smartphone (or tablet) to the WiFi you want your Foobot to be linked to.

3. Open the app, select I’ve got a Foobot and then Setup your Foobot.

4. Place and plug your Foobot no more than 5 feet (2m) away from your WiFi router. This is only necessary during the setup process. Once the process is complete you may place the device anywhere you want to measure the air quality. 

5. Follow setup steps.

It’s done! Now use the visual information (Foobot’s color level) and the mobile app to monitor and improve your indoor air quality.

Please note:

– Foobot needs to be powered on for 6 days to run properly as some components need to adapt. This is for the first use only.

– Foobot is not made for being plugged and unplugged in too short a time interval. Within the first hour there is too little data to be realistic. Please wait at least 3 hours to get correct data and have Foobot adapt to its new environment.

Enjoy it! =)

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