Supported WiFi connection

You need a 2.4GHz standard WiFi access point (b, g or n). Please note that access point that broadcasts multiple SSIDs networks or on multiple channels simultaneously may create problems (packets lost). This is especially the case at the time of auto configuration – but note you can always change to manual configuration (see “Where could I find « foobot-config » network?” section).


Foobot supports all standard signal encryptions: WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES but not the professional versions of the protocols which require a certificate. It also supports un-encrypted wireless connections (i.e. Open) but won’t be able to log on a captive portal for you — webpage where you need to enter a username andpassword, like in airports or public places.


Regarding Internet access, you have to make sure that no firewall blocks outgoing connections (blocking inbound connections is fine) or any restrictions on protocols such as http/https or sockets. A standard home connection would never do that. If you want to use Foobot within a professional environment check with your system administrator.


Apple Airport could get you in trouble trying to connect Foobot to your home network, read more here.


Note: according to some cases we got, Foobot might work on certain router if the N option of the wifi was deactivated, meaning on b/g WiFi.

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