Where should I place my Foobot?

Good question isn’t it? Don’t worry, here are some tips to help you find out where you should put your Foobot.

Because Foobot monitors your indoor air quality, it’s better to put it at the same height as your noze. So if you want to place your Foobot in the kitchen for example, as you’re mostly standing in that room,  it’s better to have it on a shelf. A coffee table would be fine if you place it in the living room since you are mostly seated when you are in that room.


It is recommanded to place Foobot in an open space, for example on a furniture could be a good place. Note that if you want to place the device on a shelf, put it closer to the edge than the wall. Generally, avoid placing Foobot near a wall or something that may block most of the air flow.


If Foobot is intended to be placed in a child’s room, please don’t place the device within reach of kids.

In case Foobot is located in a kitchen, avoid spots where it may get wet or exposed to excessive heat (sink, burners, cookers, oven…).



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