Charts section

How to get it?

To go to the charts section, simply tap on the bottom screen arrow button.

Display data

You’ll be lead to that kind of screen


The Vertical line represents WHO’s recommended threshold: before values are judged as acceptable, beyond they start to be dangerous for your health.

So if you have values beyond the threshold (which you will have noticed due to the color changes), you have to pay attention to your indoor air quality and try to find out pollution’s source(s).


If you know which pollution is tied to a measurement above the threshold, don’t hesitate to tag it! It helps Foobot to learn about your pollution's habbits. To do so, click on high value measure, then choose a pollution event’s source and click on I got it! to validate. Tag won’t be saved if you don’t click on that mention.

Note you need to pay attention to the timescale set when you tag a measurement. If you want to tag only one measurement (represents 5 minutes), select first Minutes on timescale.

If you want to tag an entire pollution event (several measurements), select Hours, Days, Weeks regarding period’s length.

Let’s take an example: you’re on Hours view and you choose a measure that represents pollution between 4PM and 5PM. You select Cooking tag and click on I got it !

If you go to Minutes view, you’ll have all measurements between 4PM and 5 PM set with tag Cooking.

Timescale’s at bottom’s screen, By default, Hours is selected.


Historical data

If you want to see historical data, just slide the bottom up until you find period you want to have a look at. By default, you’re lead to global index‘s chart, to see others, slide right or left.

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