What are volatil compounds (VOC)?

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are pollutants emitted as gases in the atmosphere.
Its sources can be solid or liquid (it is a variety of chemicals) with short- and long-term
adverse health effects. The most known are Formaldehyde, Benzene, Toluene… 


Sources are building materials (paint, varnish), furnishings and consumer products which release organic compounds so indoor level rises up to ten times higher than outdoor. Cleaning products and air fresheners are also major sources.


What is measured, how dangerous

Measured in part per billion, they can be dangerous even at low concentrations and have short & long-term adverse health effects. Formaldehyde as been proven as carcinogen.


Recommended levels

Threshold: You should avoid any peaks higher than 300ppb. Note that the sensor is also sensible to Carbon Monoxyde.

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