My air is polluted, what should I do?

Your Foobot is orange but you don't know what to do? Don't panic, here are some tips to help you to find out pollution's source(s)!

Frequent spikes

First of all, try to spot if spikes are frequent. If it is and you have noticed it happens daily at the same exact hour, it might be due to any mechanic action. Check out your HVAC system, it might be dusty and spread it out.

It's more about a daily moment, it might be tied to occupant's action. If you cannot determine directly the source, note down what you're doing and what you did just before spike occured. Then comparing from a day to another, you'll spot common actions, they might be the cause! 

You can help yourself by moving Foobot within the room (we recommand to do it only once a day so you can compare data): if readings rise, then you're getting closer to pollution's source, if readings decrease then you're getting away from it.

Constant high PM readings

Did your PM levels rise and not go back down? Spot the start point of high values and ask yourself if you did a specific action such as a very good clean in the house or turn on your fire place.

You can also try another outlet (we recommand to do it only once a day) as used one might have a power default that affects Foobot.



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