NEST - Quick start (iOS only)

You have a NEST Thermostat and you'd like to tie your Foobot to it? Easy! Follow this 5 steps tutorial and enjoy technology!


Step #1

From Indoor view (with gauges), click on gear icon (top left). Under Foobot you want to tie to NEST, click Connected devices.


Step #2

Click on NEST label, you'll be led to that screen:

Step #3

We need you to agree for a data exchange between NEST and Foobot services. Click Continue.


Step #4

Login using your NEST account's credentials.

Step #5

You're almost done! You can now set thresholds that suits you and enable/disable Foobot(s) tied to your NEST account.

Here, Thermostat#1 is disabled while thermostat#2 is enabled.

You can also toggle each thresholds (VOC, PM or CO2) up to your needs. Logout button is to log out from your NEST account.




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