Settings section

This is a customization section. To get in, click on gear icon on top left screen.

Here there’re several devices tied to same account: Mainbot, Kid’sbot, Kitchen’sbot and Office.


Under each of your devices you can find those sections

  1. Click here if you want to see this Foobot’s data on Indoor’s view (with gauges).
  2. Here’s device’s settings (name, location, timezone, etc.)
  3. Here’s notifications center. Please note this section is unavailable during the first 6 days of Foobot’s use.
  4. This is to tie your LuxGeo Thermostat account to Foobot’s.

Settings section


Change your Foobot’s name: tap on Name label, this edits name’s field. Enter new Foobot’s name and click on Return key from your keyboard to save new value.


To change it, tap on Location label. You can now select a new one in the list. You can also right your own by taping on Other. Here you are!


To change timezone, click on label and select your local timezone among cities in list.

Temperature’s unit

Tap on Unit field and select Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).

Leds intensity

You can change your Foobot’s leds intensity by pulling slider from left to right if you want more light and from right to left if you want less.

Led timer

This feature allows you to setup Foobot’s light scheduler. For example, you want your Foobot lighting between 8am to 7pm. To do so, first enable led timer using the switch and pull sliders to reach the hours that suits you.

WiFi credentials

This is to change Foobot’s network without recreating a new account. Please follow steps described in Update WiFi credentials post.

Add a Foobot section

This is button to click on if you want to add several Foobots to your account. Follow steps described. As it’s similar to initial setup, please place firstly Foobot to be added near your WiFi router and have your smartphone beside Foobot.

My acount section

Here are your account’s email address and password. You can change both by editing field and clicking on Return key once done.

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