API - Quick start

What is it?

A web interface has been created to inform users how to use API backend calls and in order for them to be able to test them.

This documentation is available at api.foobot.io/apidoc/index.html for our European users.

For our Chinese users we have: api-cn-north-1.foobot.io/apidoc/index.html 

For the rest of the world please go to: api-us-east-1.foobot.io/apidoc/index.html.

Here's the interface: 

If a user doesn't have and API keym an API key can be requested.

Users who already have a key can paste it in the corresponding field.

The key will be automatically included when trying requests.

How to test ?

Let's try the Authentication request. First, click on "User login" on the right.


1. Enter your account's email address.

2. Click on "Model Schema" field so code will be add in text field and change "string" with your account's password.

3. Click on "Try it out!"


 4. Here's what you get: formatted requests including your credentials email and password (plus API Key if you have one), response body, code and header.


For other requests, you need to put API key and token (x-auth-token as shown uppon)


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