VPN usage with Foobot

Behind the magic

Usage of a VPN or any network tool that modifies your location or makes you look as if you are somewhere other than where you actually are should be avoided in the context of using Foobot. Foobot's cloud infrastructure is split between continents and it is key that your account (set up from your smartphone) and the device itself connect to cloud's infrastructure that appears as located in the same place.

Use case

The most critical time being account creation and device setup: If Foobot posts from China but your VPN connection on your smartphone connects to the US, your account will be created in the US and will never be able to retrieve data from your Foobot.
Also, in that case there is high chances for you to encounter bugs at the time of connecting the Foobot to WiFi.

How to deal with Foobot?

If you are in the above situation, no worries, you just have to deactivate the VPN on your smartphone and/or your router, logout from the app, and try the setup again. It will work much better than the time with VPN and you will be able to re-use the same email as long as you enter the exact same password when you’re prompted for it.

Important note: If you want to use a VPN or any similar networking protocol we won’t be able to support you on that and you need to make sure to have enough understanding of the above to setup everything properly on your side. Thanks for your understanding.

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