Alexa - Quick start

Yes, you can now tie your Foobot to Alexa and get your indoor air quality simply by asking it! Here is how to get it working.

First connect to your Alexa app and in Skills section, look for Foobot.

Tap on Enable and log in using your Foobot account (accounts created within Facebook won’t connect).

On popup, allow Foobot data access and… here you are!

Now how do you get indoor air quality? Simply ask for it! You can request for your indoor air quality according to your Foobot’s room, saying:

Alexa, ask Foobot how is air quality in my bedroom

Wanna tips to fight indoor air pollution, ask for it!

Alexa, ask Foobot how I can improve my particulate matter level

Foobot’s light doesn’t please you, let Alexa shut it down for you! You’ll be able to light up with vocal request as well

Alexa, ask Foobot to switch OFF device lights

To exit the skill, just say « stop »

Alexa, stop

Alexa can also remind you all Foobot’ skills if you ask for it:

Alexa, talk to Foobot... help


Disclaimer: The Alexa skill is only available in English. To use this skill your smart assistant's default language must be English. 





















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