"Dashboard" - Web Service - Setup

This article explains how to request access to our Web Service and set up your account in order to benefit from the functionality offered by the "Dashboard".


Step 1

Create a Foobot account and log into the main app as per the quick start guide instructions you received when purchasing your Foobot.

Online instructions on how to do this may also be found here: 



Step 2

Contact our support and request "Dashboard" access through the "Contact our Support" icon located on the top right of the main screen. Please make sure to provide your Foobot account as this is necessary to more quickly and efficiently process your request.



Step 3

Open the below URL and use your Foobot app credentials to access the service.


In case you forgot your login details, you may always reset your password provided you have access to the original email you setup the device with. 

If accessing the original email is not possible, the only other alternative would be to setup your Foobot with another email account and request a new "Dashboard" access.




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