"Dashboard" - Exporting Data

This article explains some of the commonly requested functionality concerning data exports. How to export data and how to select time periods to extract useful information based on your own needs.

First things first:

The "Dashboard" allows users to export data in three types of formats:

1) .csv format

2) .XLSX format

3) .pdf format

- Formats (1) and (2) are useful for people who intend to generate their own graphs or who would like to manipulate data to serve a specific purpose or audience.

Both of them are excel compatible and may be modified in any number of applications, most notable of which, include Microsoft's Excel, Apple's Numbers or Libreoffice's Calc application.

Libreoffice is for users who prefer less proprietary formats.

We are an open source proponent and therefore believe that users should be able to modify their data freely in whichever software they prefer.

-Format (3) is best suited for users who want to share their data in a more nicely presentable way or who simply want to keep a record in a format which we believe to be clear and concise. 

It is also ideal for users who need to share air quality data in a non-modifiable format.

How to export data:

Step 1

Log into your "Dashboard" account



Step 2

Select one or more time period(s) for which you would like to export data.

Please note that you can only export 41 days worth of data at any given time.

You can still export all your data but if for example you wanted to export three month's worth of air quality measurements (i.e 90 days) , you would need to divide this time period by 41 days, in effect creating three separate exports of 41 days, 41 days and 8 days.

The reason for this, is to limit the amount of time it takes for exports to generate, as large numbers of data may take a very long time to export.



Step 3

Select your desired export format from the options located on the top right of the main screen.



Step 4

Chose the location where you would like the file to be saved.






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