Foobot - Google Home Integration


This guide outlines the process required to link your Foobot to your Google Home smart assistant.

It is assumed that you already posses the following:


- One or more Foobots

- Google Home smart assistant or Google Home mini

- Smart phone (either iOS or Android) with the Google Home app installed

- Google Home Account 


Step by Step Guide

Log into your Google Home app, with your Google home account and go to the following link through a browser. Any browser will work, but we would advise using Chrome since it comes with the Google Home smart assistant integrated by default.


The page will look like this:



Here you will be required to click on the 'Send to device' button located on the top right of the page.

It is important to do this whilst being logged in with your Google Play account both on Chrome (if you are using the Chrome browser) as well as Google Home account.

If you are not logged in the Google Home app with the Google Play account you wish to link your Foobot to, the integration will not work and no error message will be provided.

Within a few minutes of pressing this button, you will receive an email redirecting you to a page which will allow you to grant access to your Foobot device. Please follow the onscreen instructions and grant any potential permissions you are asked to provide.

We advise you to accept all permissions.

Once the process has been completed your device will be ready to use and you will be able to ask your Google Home Assistant for information related to your indoor Air Quality.


How to talk to Foobot

The way you can talk to Foobot is very simple: 

- Say 'Hey Google' or 'Ok Google'

Once Google has responded :

- Say 'Talk to Foobot Device'. You need to say this sentence exactly or Google home will not connect to your Foobot. For example saying 'Talk to Foobot' will NOT work.

If the setup was successful and you uttered the above sentence correctly, your Google Home Assistant will respond with the phrase:

- 'Sure, here's Foobot device' and it will provide additional options.


Useful Invocations

- 'Talk to Foobot device' --> Talks to Foobot

- 'Help' --> provides information on supported voice commands.

- 'Tips' --> provides tips and suggestions on how to improve indoor air quality. 


Related Information

The section 'Tips' provides suggestions also found on our 'Resources page' -->

For longer texts you may prefer visiting the page directly.


Disclaimer: The Google Home skill is only available in English. To use this skill your smart assistant's default language must be English. Google's suite of smart products and their support is changing rapidly so connectivity is subject to those changes.











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