Foobot Failsafe Setup

The failsafe setup mode is meant to be used if you unable to get the app to perform the setup process on on your phone or tablet


How to perform the failsafe setup:

You need to Unplug your Foobot first. Then, put it face down with the « foobot » inscription under (this product’s side on furniture), and cable on top (see picture attached). Once done, you can plug it in.
It’s supposed to blink orange then blue.






If your device is doing that light pattern you can put it in normal position sitting straight up. Then on your phone, tablet or computer: look for a wireless network named « foobot-failsafe »  Select it and connect to it. Then in a browser go to

You will be prompted with a login window.  Use the following credentials:

Username: foobot

Password: foobot4u


Once you logged in you click the "WIFI Config" tab then click "scan" 

Select the network that is your name then Click "ok"

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